Tuesday, 16 September 2008


The last couple of days I've been suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection. My girl has tonsilitis. I have no I guess it's just -itis. I took two days off work and went back in this morning. The powers that be took one look at me and backed off like I was a vampire, though in truth I felt more like this kid:

Last week I attended a product testing seminar through my work. It was a typical finger food and bubbly affair, with a complimentary goodie bag. I like goodie bags, because I'm forever losing pens. Also in the bag was a thermometer, which I've been using to take my temperature (well, it seemed the most obvious thing to do with it, y'know). Despite the fact that I've been runnig a constant fever for the beter part of two days, this thing has my temp at no higher than 35.8 C (96).

So...I am off to bed, because I feel like a bag of assorted dog. But I'll leave you with something fun...