Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Vale Geoffrey Perkins.

It was with shock and a little shame that I learned yesterday of the death of Geoffrey Perkins, one of the most important figures in comedy in the last 25 years.

Geoffrey died on August 29 when he was hit by a truck in Marylebone High Street in London. He was 55.

Many of you mightn't know the name, but trust me, all of you have been provided with much laughter, thanks to this man's work. Among many other fine programs, he was responsible for producing, developing and/or writing:

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Spitting Image
The Man From Auntie
Harry Enfield's Television Programme
Father Ted
The Fast Show
Big Train
The Royle Family
Coogan's Run
One Foot in the Grave
Operation Good Guys
The Catherine Tate Show

My first real awareness of Geoffrey Perkins' comedic abilities came not from TV, but from a book my brother gave me when I was about 15, called 'The Uncyclopedia of Rock'. Perkins co-wrote it with Angus Deayton and Jeremy Pascall. I still have it and it's still pissfunny.

There's not really much I can say about Mr. Perkins, other than the fact that the work he was so influential in creating still makes me laugh on a daily basis. And I am sorry I did not hear of his passing sooner; he deserves much more recognition for his immense contribution to comedy. If he'd been in front of the camera instead of mostly behind it, this small appreciation would have been written in late August.