Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Mike Connell Story.

Let me begin this one by saying I'm not a huge fan of conspiracy 'theories' or their adherents. The faked moon landing/s, the 'false flag' of 9/11, the Jonestown/CIA mind control experiment...they are all big loads of poo. I'll admit a propensity to believe that Lee Harvey was not the only person firing shots at JFK that day, but apparently recent analysis casts doubt on even that (my knowledge of physics is not even such that I could be classed a neophyte).

There seems to be a conspiracy theory in the making, though, and it's well worth investigating.

A few days ago Internet strategist and GOP consultant Michael Connell was killed when his plane crashed three miles from its destination in Akron, Ohio. Connell was flying his single-engined Piper Lance Saratoga home from Maryland.

Connell was apparently responsible for designing and implementing an alternative communications system for the GOP.

Last September, Connell, the CEO of a company called GovTech Solutions, was subpoenaed to appear in a federal case to give evidence surrounding his involvement in the Republican party's alleged manipulation of the outcome of federal elections.

Using a similar strategy (though not reason) employed by Karl Rove to avoid appearing in front of a House judiciary committee (refusing point blank, citing investigators' 'ready access' to public information and and inability to tesify for reasons of confidentiality - Rove cited executive privilege and left the country) Connell successfully avoided the subpoena for two months.

In November he gave a deposition, during which he was accused of rigging results. He was set to appear again.

There have been reports floating around (mostly on 'non-mainstream' sites) that Connell had been warned against flying and that protection had been sought, due to fear for his safety.

The conspiracy nuts are already having a field day. Some are saying that Connell cancelled two flights because of suspected sabotage and some are just coming right out and saying that Rove had Connell murdered.

It's no secret that I'm not the Bush administration's biggest fan, but there are a few things about this embryonic 'theory' that concern me.

If Michael Connell were that worried for his safety, why would he be flying his private plane at all? If you were a qualified pilot who thought the powers that be were trying to kill you, would you maybe consider going commercial for a while?

If the powers that be wanted to 'off' Connell, would they not have increased their chances of success by arranging some kind of problem on takeoff, when the tank was full of gas, rather than three miles out from the plane's destination?

I think we've all heard the stories of the terrible cold that has gripped the United States in the last little while. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that Connell's plane might simply have succumbed to the cold and ice?

Lastly, I'd like to bring up the 'Kennedy curse'. There was John, murdered. Bobby, murdered. Michael, skiing. John Jr., plane crash. I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that come instantly to mind. Some people take these incidents as proof that the family is cursed.

But (putting aside John & Bobby's untimely deaths), is it not possible that the reason Michael died skiing was because a Kennedy is more likely to do a lot more skiing than you or me, and the reason John John died piloting his plane was because a Kennedy is more likely to be piloting a plane?

Look at it this way. Is it reasonable to suggest that John and Bobby died because they were the victims of murderous loathing and/or mental illness...and that Michael and John died because they were living the life of the privileged rich...or would you say it's more logical to say that all of these men died because of a mystical curse?

Likewise, is it not possible Michael Connell died in a small plane because of simple law of averages and probability? He was flying a small plane in crappy weather...or...the tyrants devised an elaborate plot to have him killed.

Having said all that...Connell's death does require investigation. I'm completely unconvinced to this point of any nefarious action by certain people, but by the same token, I do not dismiss the ability of these people to commit nefarious deeds.

I'll leave you with some of the 'fresh from the funny farm' conspiracy bits and pieces (and ACTION!!!! news articles that have sprung up in the last few days:

I love ACTION news!!!

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