Sunday, 19 July 2009

Poh Wins! Huh?

The finale of Masterchef Australia has just finished, with Julie Goodwin announced as the winner...unless you read the Daily Telegraph:

Nice job.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Funny People (Part One).

Yeah, it's been a few weeks. I only realised how long it'd been when I received Facebook message from a friend the other day saying, 'Update your blog you twat'.

So, here I be, to update my blog-you-twat.

A few million people died last week, some of whom were quite well-known. The Internet has the lives and deaths of the famous people pretty well covered, so I'll leave them to rest and move instead to a light diversion.

My favourite funny people.

In compiling this group I made a list of names with the intention of cutting it back to about ten. Within 15 minutes of starting I had about 50 people down, none of whom I could reasonably exclude. So, I've decided to share them with you a few bits at a time. Here's Part One...

Peter Cook

What a perfect place to start. 'The funniest man who ever drew breath', said Stephen Fry. I cannot disagree. Peter was so funny that he defied superlatives. Only problem with Pete is choosing the right snippet. This is a slice of a doco on him, including bits of his most famous sketch, 'One Leg Too Few'. In the pantheon.

Larry David

The weaver. His ability to interlace stories and tie them off is unsurpassed. He was the least enthusiastic stand-up in the biz, but found his niche. Larry has, in a sense, re-defined comedy.

Lewis Black

While I've known of LB for a number of years and watched bits here and there, I'd not really seen him in his element. He is razor sharp, goofy, loveable and has a wonderful theatrical anger. He has some great political & religious comedy, but this is a beautiful rant on what we consume.

Stephen Merchant

Love 'im. Brilliant. 'nuff said.

Christopher Guest

From Spinal Tap to For Your Consideration, Christopher Guest (or Lord Haden-Guest to you)is a totally original and amazing writer, performer, musician, composer, director...he's just great. I could have chosen any number of performances, but this few seconds always makes me laugh.

Dave Allen

For a man whose storytelling ability is unsurpassed, whose style and charm are pre-eminent in comedy, whose TV show format was the first to blend sketch and stand up, Dave Allen seems to have been largely passed by. In a list of 50 'Comedians' Comedians' in 2005, Allen did not figure, despite being a pivotal figure in comedy for many years.

Stephen Fry

Peter Cook may have been the funniest man ever to draw breath, but here Stephen Fry makes me think he could breathe underwater.

Graham Chapman

A very serious, silly man.

Bernie Mac

Great stand-up, wonderful actor, gone too soon.