Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Being cast in a play is wonderful, especially when the play is as good as The Pillowman and the role is as gorgeously meaty and chewy as Tupolski. I rushed into the Metro yesterday after work to pick up the script. It's like getting a spanky new present. You don't want to leave it out of your sight, and you're all over it every chance you get.

I've read it a couple of times already and it's simply an amazing piece of work, and as funny on the page as anything I've read in years. Which you wouldn't automatically think, given the quick capsule synopsis is "man living in police state interrogated by the police because his short stories are eerily similar to a series of horrifying murders".

The play is being produced by 23rd Productions and will run March 19th to April 5th at the Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts Complex.

I'll keep you updated (hehe...yeah right. Mr 'first blog entry since Christmas') about bits and pieces around what promises to be a totally brilliant production.