Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Marysville, Victoria.

There's nothing that can be said or written that will lighten the tremendous burden being carried by those struggling with the loss of life and property in Victoria.

A massive debt of gratitude is owed to emergency service people involved in fighting the fires. A massive debt is owed by those who lit the fires. It's now suspected the fires in Churchill and possibly Marysville were the result of arson.

There's been a world of footage from the fires, all of it heartbreaking. I've seen little more affecting than this wordless piece, shot by the CFA in Marysville last weekend:

Tomorrow the Coles chain of supermarkets is donating all of its profits to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. I know that those unable to help out directly feel pretty bloody useless right now. But if all you can do is have a big grocery shop tomorrow, it's better than nothing.

Normal 'service' on the bigmouthery blog will resume this weekend.