Saturday, 29 August 2009

We're havin' a heatwaaave...

..a tropical heatwaaaave.

Since the alleged winter in this town became a 35°C/96°F sweatbath, my alleged friend and colleague Nick has been singing that line at every opportunity. He even sent it in a text. Grotty little man. He's right though. It's been bloody hot.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Rehearsals for Amadeus continue apace, and during the week I went down to Warner Bros for a TV audition. I am not comfortable doing them. I feel boxed in. Despite the fact that the chap who read opposite me was really helpful and giving, as ever in front of a camera, I locked up. Everything's out of context, I'm conscious of the tiniest twitch or blemish or half-step forward...and all attempts to relax and just do 'what I do' go out the window. It's probably time to invest in a class for this kinda stuff, but the best one is down the Coast. Still, I'm lucky to have had these sorts of auditions, seeing as I have no agent. As a freelancer, it's gratifying to have various people call out of the blue and ask me to read for things. But I need a bloody agent.

They're shooting the latest Narnia picture down there and the place is packed with trucks and gear and a giant blue screen. I had vain hopes of bumping into my friend Steve who's working on the picture, but of was a vain hope.

A wave of virulent nastiness has infected the Amadeus company over the past week or so. Worst affected have been our SM and the powerhouse that is Ms K. Atkinson. I've been spared so far. I just hope that, if it does hit, it hits before we go.

On my way to Warner's, I was offered a small gig playing the first mayor of Brisbane for the Q150 celebrations. My state turns 150 this year and there is a commemoration of the first ever council meeting. Sounds interesting.

So that's that for now. I hope to keep a tour diary of sorts, but will seek permission from my colleagues re: posting of photos etc. Unless of course it's Nick.

I had the choice between Ethel Merman & Marilyn. Who would you rather look at?