Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas, Happy.

This is the third year I've written a Christmas entry...or an entry at Christmas time, anyway. As I write, the local Baptists are moping up a storm with their dirges of praise. It's hot, humid, still, close and oppressive. nearly 40 years in this country and it's now clear that an aversion to this kind of weather is in my genetic make-up. I should have acclimatised by this time, surely. It's loathsome.

Hopefully that's the 'Bah, Humbug' out of the way, but don't bet on it. 2009 has, on a personal note, been one of the worst of my life. Having said that, it's also been one of the best years of my life. So let's concentrate on that. In March and April I was in a play called The Pillowman, which was transformational. I started to feel at home on stage again, after a year or so of feeling very much as if I'd been acting just under the skin of everything. It introduced me to some great and talented people and for that my gratitude knows no bounds, because they made me feel as ig it's all worthwhile. I got my passion back.

I also secured representation this year, probably in large measure to the aforementioned show. I'd been politely nagged for years to get off my butt and get an agent, and now I have one.

In September I was lucky enough to head off on tour again and enjoyed it immensely, especially Tasmania. It's a very special place and one I hope to return to next year, even if only for a few days. 2010 will also see a trip to Melbourne, hopefully in autumn. Like so many actors my friend Nick is moving there early in the new year. he's already locked in an agent so I have high hopes the move will bear early fruit for him. I have one project to take care of mid-year, and a shot at a meaty role a couple of months into 2010, so I'll hang back and see how things pan out. It's certainly on the cards though. I don't think I can do another summer here.

I have an idea for a personal 'creative' project next year. It's not a play or an acting gig per se, but it will possibly involve jumping onstage and sweating bullets. Not going to reveal too much there...just wait and see and if takes shape I'll share.

So...Happy Christmas. For 2010 I wish for all peace and calm and common sense and a measure of rational thought. And all the ice cream you can eat.