Sunday, 27 December 2009

Funny Subtitle.

Earlier today I watched movie Snatch and came across something funny. As Mickey (Brad Pitt), Turkish (Jason Statham) and Tommy (Stephen Graham) are making their appearance at the second fight, the Oasis instrumental 'Fucking in the Bushes' kicks off. This youtube clip is the fight overlaid with the Oasis song:

The rant you can hear at the beginning of the piece is courtesy of Isle of Wight Festival MC Rikki Farr, who in 1970 took the stage and berated the audience of over half a million: "We put this festival on, you bastards...with a lotta love, we worked for one year for you pigs...and you wanna break our walls down and you wanna destroy us? Well you go to hell!"

In the movie itself you can only hear one line from the Farr sample: 'We put this festival on, you bastards'. The lovely people who did the subtitles for Snatch must have thought this was part of the hubbub leading into the fight and captioned it:

Hehe. Funny thing is, if you look around online for that quote, people have included it as a line from the script.