Thursday, 29 July 2010

Credit Where Credit's Poo Due.

Here's a little test for regular visitors: see if you can spot any differences on the site today. How keen is your eye for detail? I'll give you a few seconds to have a look around...

..aaaaand time.

How did you do? Did your eagle eye vision notice anything out of the ordinary? Yes? That's RIGHT, the Bigmouthery header has a little message on it. Look closely and see if you can read it...

...well spotted! It's a photo credit for the Bigmouthery header.

My 'friend' Nick Backstrom sent me a Facbook message last month seeking a photo credit on Bigmouthery. The message read:

I responded:

Undeterred, Nick shot back:

Ha ha, we both laughed, and left the silliness there. Or so I thought. After playing around with the photo to give it a slightly different look, I've now received another message from Nick:

Now I know that that rare time is upon me...the time to take him seriously. He will send the boys around. Nick keeps a stable of young men close by at all times and they are always more than willing to do his bidding.

The original photo (at the top of this entry) was taken in September last year on top of Mount Wellington in Hobart. It's a picture of me, taken on my dearly departed Nokia 6300 by...? Nick Backstrom.

So there we are. Hopefully I've avoided the wrath of Nick's minions.

And now, the man who went up a hill and came down Annie fucking Leibovitz.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Look at this hip urban gadabout. At first glance, he's the epitome of Zeitgeisty cool. The black shirt and jacket, the little badge on his lapel which almost definitely contains an inspired, pithy message, the popular-this-week snap brim fedora, the casual little black rectangle placed carefully over the eyes to ensure anonymity in an oh-so-public 21st Century world. Look at him. Look at him!

Suddenly, his reverie is sharply interrupted by a message on his newly-minted smartphone. He pauses, yet not for a moment does he hold his quiet insouciance in abeyance. He is the apotheosis of the modish metropolitic. But... (Read on...)

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I'm Fuckin' Walkin' Here!

Very fortunate to be writing this. Nearly got turned into road pizza yesterday when a woman came within millimetres of my poor, pale (though sometimes still quick-reacting)carcass with her four wheel drive. (Drive on...)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Wikipedia Vandalism, Aussie Politics Style


Hello everyone. It's election time again, so I thought it'd be nice to take a look at what the people are saying about the major players...and what better place to gauge public sentiment than Wikipedia, the people's encyclopedia. (Read on...)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Owning Racism - Addendum

"What's your Christian name?"

It's quite a common expression, isn't it? 'Christian name'.

I've had it asked me so many times and never paid it a thought. After all, my name is a Christian name, despite the fact that I'm no longer an adherent of the Christian faith. My parents were Christians and they brought me up in a Christian church. I didn't change it after shedding my faith (although I wonder now what names we could choose from if that was a matter of social course? Lucifer? Generica? Twelve?)

Some time back I saw 'Christian name' printed on a personal details form. It got me thinking how some people of other faiths feel when they're what their Christian name is. I also wondered what the reaction would be in the following situation:

A: Your surname?
B: Basara.
A: And your Christian name?
B: Er...Mohammed.

The opportunity to ask has arisen a few times. I have asked my friend Taran, who is Sikh, if it's ever happened to her, but she's so cool with everything that she hasn't even noticed it.

Today I went to the chemist for some over the counter medication that required labelling. The woman behind the counter (who had been a bit unpleasant up to that point) asked, "What's your Christian name?" and I told her. The little pad she was filling in had 'Christian name' instead of First name', so I said, "Can I ask - what do you say if you have to fill out the details of a Muslim or a Hindu?" She appeared genuinely taken aback by the question. "I - uh - well - I just ask people their Christian name, why?" The 'why' was just a fingernail this side of curt. "Oh, it's just something I've wondered, y'know...cos their names aren't really Christian..." I trailed off. She picked up the cue: "Well, if they want to come over here, they have to expect-" and she stopped dead. I was a little shocked by where she was heading and she saw it. She looked very uncomfortable for a second, said "Um" and scampered away with the slip of paper. As she left, I muttered, "Okay then..."

She returned a minute later, tight-lipped. I did not press her further and I'm sure she was glad of that. What else needed saying? The poor thing had let her bigot off the chain and brought it to work with her.

Anyway...that's just a little anecdote related to the earlier post on this topic.

If you have any doubts as to whether Australia is a Christian or secular nation, take a wee look see at this.

Till tomorrow...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bigmouthery Exclusive - Oscar-Winning Writer Roger Avary Released from Jail


The man who brought you Pulp Fiction (not him, the other one) has been released from Ventura County Prison, where he was serving a 12-month sentence for his involvement in a fatal car accident in 2008.

According to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department website, Oscar-winning screenwriter Roger Avary was released on July 10, having spent 8 months at the facility.

Mr Avary was initially given a sentence of 12 months in September last year following pleading guilty to "gross vehicular manslaughter" and drunk driving. He caused a bit of media buzz a few weeks into his sentence when it was revealed he may have been sending Twitter posts from jail. Turns out he wasn't actually in jail at the time of his twittering, but on a furlough program, which allowed him to do his regular job during the day and return to a special furlough facility at night & on weekends. The 'tweeting' landed him in Ventura County Jail, where it appears he'd been since November.

A website search provided no confirmation whether Mr Avary had been released or merely returned to the work furlough program, so I contacted the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's media relations officer confirmed that Mr Avary has been released from the facility, "sentence served".

So there's a tiny little scoop from across the way. I'm a little surprised that no outlet has given the story an inch. Here's hoping the family and friends of Andreas Zini, the man who died in the accident, have been able to regain some semblance of life. And a thought for Mr Avary as well, for I daresay he'll be justifiably haunted by the tragedy for the rest of his.

"Proper Fat" - Fast Food of America

Last weekend, in a rare and wincing moment, I looked at myself in the mirror. A nightly, religious intake of ice cream combined with a middle-aged slowing of the metabolism has gifted me a nice little question mark of a belly. The rest of me seems to be holding up okay, which you might think is a good thing. Nope. It really makes the belly stick out. I know it's been there a while, but because I don't look very often, the sight of my reflection was a less than pleasant, if mild, shock.
(Pig out...)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Picture of Me Kissing Salted Meat.

Namely, boiling bacon.

Bakemouthery...The Bigmouthery Cooking Show!

Hi! Welcome to the first in a fantastic new Bigmouthery segment called...the Bigmouthery cooking segment! It's all about that little thing I like to!

Over the coming months we'll travel the world of cuisine, without ever leaving the house...except to go out and get the ingredients. (Gorge yourself...)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Living with Rachel Predgudis - Owning Racism.

"There are a lot of Asians on the bus, aren't there?"

A former colleague whispered this to me recently. She was correct, too. Asians were on the bus. Quite a few Asians. In fact, the bus was conveying probably the most diverse collection of people gathered in the entire city at that moment. Along with Asians (by which she meant Asians from the south east and north) there were some white people, a few Africans, one or two Pacific Islanders, some South Asians and a white woman in a motorised wheelchair with her black labbie assistance dog. I was momentarily taken aback, then had a quick swivel of the head and gave the only answer that seemed to fit the question: "Yes...yes, there are."
(Read on...)