Tuesday, 30 November 2010

More Than Mere Fractions.

Despite theatre being one of the great loves of my life, it usually doesn't get much exposure on Bigmouthery, for a few reasons...the main one being that others cover my city's arts industry far better and more comprehensively than I ever could.

In 2011, though, Bigmouthery will feature a new segment profiling some of our best and most beloved theatre 'identities'. It's true...some people have already said yes, poor blighters.

For now though, I must make special mention of a special man who has created a special and important piece of art.

Earlier today, Marcel Dorney was awarded the 2010/2011 Queensland Premier's Drama Award for his play Fractions. Last weekend the three finalists' plays (Marcel's Fractions, Unreliable Bodies by Philip Dean and Belongings by Rebecca Clarke) were performed as rehearsed readings at QTC's Bille Brown Studio. I was lucky, proud and extremely honoured to have been a part of the creative development and reading for Fractions.

I just want to dedicate a few minutes of Bigmouthery to congratulate Marcel not only for winning the award, but to thank him for creating a piece of theatre so immense, powerful and brilliant that it annoys me they're the best superlatives I can muster. In fact, to everyone involved in the Fractions 'experience', my love and thanks for making my first QTC experience one that, days later, still has me abuzz with excitement.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Your a Idoit Looser What Should of Knowed Better Then That

Aside from an old Facebook group called 'Save the Apostrophe', I try to stay off my high horse with regard to the English language. For one thing, I'm no expert. A quick trawl through the entries on this blog will reveal many typos (or maybe it's typoes?), slang contractions and the odd misspelling. (Read more...)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

God and Stuff - Part Three: Journey Man

The initial idea for this blog was a one-shot 'why I don't believe in God' post. After reading a few posts of a similar nature, I felt a greater understanding of my position would be achieved by sharing some of my personal history within the world of faith and religion. It was done partly out of a desire to give you, the reader, greater context, as well as a selfish hope that I may be able to offset the probability of inflammatory responses. On this second point, I failed.

Yes, there were people of faith who disagreed with my view and in so doing were measured, eloquent and respectful. But I know and respect these was hardly likely to be any different. There was one commenter who, in accusing me of having the mental age of a 9-year-old, offered no argument (outside of ad hominem) and a number of typically hateful emails. One person even threatened to come to Australia and stab me to death. Delightful.

So if Parts One and Two didn't allay the potential for attack, Part Three may really piss a few people off. So let me just say this: in planning and writing this series, it has never been my intention to annoy or needle the faithful. While I find certain beliefs archaic, flawed and in some cases downright laughable, I respect wholeheartedly a person's right to follow the short and narrow path, even if that means sending the occasional death threat.

Welcome to Part Three, the final instalment of 'God and Stuff'.
Okay? Now, on we go...
(Read more...)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Gay Marriage.

Same-sex marriage is not an issue that directly affects me. Actually, being 41, heterosexual and never married, it's fair to say that no kind of marriage directly affects me. But, my darling sweetie-faces, that's another show.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

God and Stuff - Part Two: Angry Apostate

The Jesuits are famous for a saying that starts, 'Give me a child until he is seven and...'.

It finishes variously with '..I will give you the man', '..he is mine for life' or '.. you may do what you like with him afterwards'. A more common and generic saying is 'Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.' I have always taken this to mean that, no matter how violently you may rebel against the church, its doctrine, its 'ways'...will always be at your core. (Read more...)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Peter Cook.

Peter Cook is worth remembering purely because he was one of the funniest people that ever landed on this noisy blue mote. In the pantheon of comedy, he occupies the most capacious, yet replete, chamber. Entire books have been and should continue to be dedicated to him...not just his great and too short life, but his tremendous impact on comedy and overall 'funny'. (Read more...)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

God and Stuff - Part One: Catholic Boy.

When I came sloshing into this world in a torrent of water, I did not believe in a god. I simply did not have such faculty. Eight days later, I was, without being asked, sloshed with more water and signed up as a Christian of the Roman Catholic flavour. Over the next 15 or so years, in slightly less moist ceremonies, I was further indoctrinated. At eight came 'Reconciliation' and 'Holy Communion'. At 12, 'Confirmation'. (Read on...)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Essential, Affordable Condiments.

I note with a degree of sadness the closing of the Coffee Club at Indooroopilly. Not because I like The Coffee Club - along with happy-clappy-Praise-Jebus-and-stuff-the-collection-plate coffee chain Gloria Jeans it's actually kinda crap - it reminds me of the first meal I shared with a very dear American friend back in 2007. She came out here with her sister and sister's boyfriend for a holiday, and I'm sad to say that one of their first impressions of Australia was...our stinginess with condiments. (More sauce...)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Stephen Fry is Not Tone Deaf

For the last 20 years I have made the BBC World Service my 'bedtime story'. Despite the up-to-the-minute yet often disomfiting reportage of war, rape and rapine, there's something very soothing and soporific about many of the presenters' voices. Not as effective as benzodiazepines, but much better than valerian or chamomile. (Read more...)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bigmouthery Hits 100 Page Views Per Day!

Ain't been round these parts for a few days, mainly 'cause my insides decided they don't want anything in 'em.

Turn up today to find that after a traffic plummet (by plummet, I mean from about 70 to 35 daily views) in the last little while, Bigmouthery, for the first time ever, has recorded over 100 page views in a day. It's due in large part to other sites linking to the little scoop about Roger Avary being released from jail back in July.

Yes, 100 page views a day is pretty shabby, but it's better than I hoped for this time last year. Tell friends, share links, join the Facebook group and follow on Twitter. One day Bigmouthery will be a proper website with all sorts of stuff going on all the time...I am not asking for money, I just need your help to get the word out.

Thanks to those who visit regularly and post the occasional comment and message of support. I really am aiming to make Bigmouthery into a more professional venture and it's people like you that make me feel it's somewhat possible.