Monday, 18 January 2010

Ricky Gervais Kills at Golden Globes.

Updated Youtube had to pull the Gervais bits due to a copyright claim from that pauper Dick Clark, but they'll be back up in good time and when they are, I'll repost.

Barely an hour into this year's Golden Globes, a few alleged writers were saying that host Ricky Gervais had 'flopped' and 'bombed'.


With a room full of stars laughing their heads off and ceaseless Tweets lauding his performance at every turn, Gervais did a brilliant job, skewering the industry, making fun of celebrities and celebrity and doing his standard 'shameless plug' routine (which, now it has reached its peak, he may have to drop lest it not look like comedy anymore). All this while sipping at a couple of cold ones, which always puts certain people in two minds as to whether he's pissed.

These columnists or glorified bloggers or whatever the fuck they are claim that Ricky's jokes 'fell flat', were met with 'shocked silence' and prompted a 'boo' when Gervais made a joke at Paul McCartney's expense. What fucking show were these people watching? The guy brought the house down in his usual irreverent fashion, and if that 'boo' was not an 'aww' then I'm deaf.

In any case, what were these people expecting? Some kind of shitty variety hour with Hugh Jackman?

I'm not going to rehash the bits he did. Watch it yourself. Here's a sample of Gervais' from the show, during which some people apparently won awards for, er, doing things good:


What I wanna know is, why do these people constantly lie in order to deride? Is it possible that the natty little twat from the Telegraph sought to turn his emission into a bit of a viral, scooped up and sprayed all over the Internet? It's possible. If you google 'Gervais bombs' you'll see it fill the first half of the page and all the stories relate back to the Telegraph splat.
If you google 'flops', you'll see a similar situation with the Chicago Sun-Times.
Both of these stories were filed before the show had finished, in the case of the Tele guy, he admits it. What the fuck is that?

These people are joyless liars. Gervais killed...and finally provided a very public kick in the butt to the smug self-importance of celebrity. Introducing Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler as "Rachel from Friends and the guy from 300" didn't go down well with them, but who cares? They can go back to their bloated, opulent lives and have assistants dab away their jewelled tears.

A day after the Globes and the verdict on Gervais' performance is mixed, with the bulk of the reportage of negative criticism tracking back to the stuff I mentioned yesterday.