Saturday, 8 May 2010

Tell Me About Your Phone.

The death of my mobile phone is imminent. This wouldn't cause me too much grief, except it means getting a new one. It doesn't seem that long ago I was going on about the travails of choosing and buying a mobile. January 2008 (I recorded the experience at my old Myspace blog, now reproduced here). It was a Nokia 6300, chosen for its price and simplicity.

When a friend (Hi Faz!) offered me her 'old' N95 late last year, I gave the sturdy and redoubtable 6300 to my 'bextie' Lou. I hope Lou doesn't mind me saying that she's quite good at losing or killing phones. Even the 6300 was no match for her hit-woman skills, though it must be said that she may have been acquitted on that particular charge. Not so the open-and-shut case of the 'bitten Sony Ericsson' a couple of years ago. There was an eyewitness and I would he would have testified against her. What else could I do he do, I saw he saw her put it in her mouth and crunch it.

On paper, the N95 is a fine bit of phoneage. The best feature is the 5MP camera, a huge step up from the 2MP of the 6300 and a world away from the VGA I had before that. I'm not a great photographer by any stretch (my Dad bought me a camera for two bucks at a second-hand place in Kilcoy when I was 12...the only one I've ever owned), but I do like to take photos every day if I can.

Here's a random sample pic from the 6300:

And one from the N95:

Other than pictures of flowers and silliness, I only really need a phone for texts and calls. Not that many either. I'm a firm believer in the Seinfeld line about constant communication, "you gotta give people a chance to miss you a little".

So I don't really need a smartphone or anything spanky and shiny like that, but...I covet them. They're so pretty and sleek and look like they can do everything, even make bacon and cabbage. I see them everywhere, people with iPhones on the train. iPhone people always look as if they're experiencing paroxysms of joy as they zip along on their 5-minute journey home to Skypad Apartments in Orbit City. Non-iPhoners sit their with glum faces glued to the window, staring out at East Germany in 1973.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's smartphone. That would probably form part of my confession if I were still a faithy.

'Father, I have lustful thoughts about my next door neighbour's wife's...Nokia N86.'

'Ah sure, now that's terrible...your penance is a lap of the Rosary and to banish such thoughts about Nokias from your mind...y'gobshite.'

'Yes, Father.'

'Anyway, you should be after thinking about the new Blackberry Storm 2.'

'But the N86 has an 8 megapixel camera!'

'Sure now, c'mon, it does not...that's another lap for being a liar.'

And so forth...

Orright, let's cut to the chase. If I have to get a new phone, it may as well be a smartphone. But for every website I go to that extols the virtues of an iPhone, say, there's another site dedicated entirely, for some odd reason, to slagging off the iPhone. It's one of the few times when the usually abhorrent phrase 'too much information' rings true.

So I'm throwing it open to you. Tell me about your phone. Tell me what you love about it, what you dislike, whether you've had service issues, what your camera's like, if it's easy to navigate...all that good stuff. You can do it here or at the Bigmouthery page on Facebook.