Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gaza and Helen Thomas


The first part of this entry was written on the weekend as part of the 'by request' entry.

If you're expecting a learned, detailed and well-studied take on Israel/Palestine mess, you'll be disappointed. When it comes to the whole 'blowing shit up' thing, I usually don't pay much attention. If it's on the news, I tune it out in the same way we tune out ads. They may as well be running stock footage. All I see is mutual hatred based on misplaced, bronze-aged faith . The last time I gave it more than a passing glance was in mid-2003. Some tit-for-tat bit of horror was being run on the news. I don't recall who was doing what to whom, but I distinctly remember welling up with tears...that was pretty much it for me. I thought "fuck 'em". So, when the Israelis recently killed a bunch of people bringing aid to Gaza, my reaction was not shock or surprise. It was a two-second burst of disgust, a momentary tweaking of the volume on a constant refrain.
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