Saturday, 19 June 2010

Half-time Orange.

I got drunk on Friday, an increasingly rare thing these days (getting drunk, that is...Fridays still happen quite regularly, pretty much once a week...on Fridays). So yesterday was spent in a pleasant fug. Thanks to a late night natural expunging there was no hangover. The night was spent in fine company and I even managed to succeed at a pissed mid-mall Christian 'intelligence test' (though 'How many animals did Moses take onto the ark?' is not that hard, even pissed). During the course of the night this blog was discussed and in so doing, realised that I'd written a hell of a lot lately, but had not completed anything. On arriving home yesterday I took a look at my dashboard and saw five half-finished blog entries: on Scientology, racism, chemtrails, a Translink follow-up and a lovely bitch about the misuse of common words and terms ('should of', 'loose/lose', 'then/than' etc.).

The racism entry has taken up most of my writing time and thought. It's not one of those spontaneous gushes of annoyance and frustration. It must be considered from a sensitive point of view, in the same way that a blog entry on Scientology has to be considered with attention paid to a certain group's penchant for litigation.

And honestly, I don't wanna think about 'em. After all, it's not like anyone's paying me. When your friends tell you you're becoming a hermit and you are constantly missing various gatherings and events, something's amiss, obviously.

It's a proper human weekend for me this week. Friday drinking, Saturday recovering and Sunday seeing a movie and doing my laundry. I may even have an orange.
See you soon.