Thursday, 29 July 2010

Credit Where Credit's Poo Due.

Here's a little test for regular visitors: see if you can spot any differences on the site today. How keen is your eye for detail? I'll give you a few seconds to have a look around...

..aaaaand time.

How did you do? Did your eagle eye vision notice anything out of the ordinary? Yes? That's RIGHT, the Bigmouthery header has a little message on it. Look closely and see if you can read it...

...well spotted! It's a photo credit for the Bigmouthery header.

My 'friend' Nick Backstrom sent me a Facbook message last month seeking a photo credit on Bigmouthery. The message read:

I responded:

Undeterred, Nick shot back:

Ha ha, we both laughed, and left the silliness there. Or so I thought. After playing around with the photo to give it a slightly different look, I've now received another message from Nick:

Now I know that that rare time is upon me...the time to take him seriously. He will send the boys around. Nick keeps a stable of young men close by at all times and they are always more than willing to do his bidding.

The original photo (at the top of this entry) was taken in September last year on top of Mount Wellington in Hobart. It's a picture of me, taken on my dearly departed Nokia 6300 by...? Nick Backstrom.

So there we are. Hopefully I've avoided the wrath of Nick's minions.

And now, the man who went up a hill and came down Annie fucking Leibovitz.