Saturday, 14 August 2010

Election 2010 - What Else Is On?

There has been a small hint of surprise as to why no election blog, given that campaigns from various countries have been Bigmouthery 'stock in trade' since I started blogging a few years ago. I don't have very good answers. Part of the reason is...I'm selfish. The blog's readership has ticked slowly upwards this year, and it ain' no thanks to campaign blogs. Other topics seem to draw more readers...and I like readers. Yes, I'm as populist, self-centred & hypocritical as our political leaders. (More...)

Happy Birthday Noodle.

Look at the woman in this picture. Beautiful, isn't she? A vision. I mean, even though the goofball standing beside her is mugging it up with the big ol' parejo shoved in his gob, she's the one your eyes are naturally drawn to. Her name is Kaitlin. She's my friend. It's her birthday today. (More...)