Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bigmouthery Hits 100 Page Views Per Day!

Ain't been round these parts for a few days, mainly 'cause my insides decided they don't want anything in 'em.

Turn up today to find that after a traffic plummet (by plummet, I mean from about 70 to 35 daily views) in the last little while, Bigmouthery, for the first time ever, has recorded over 100 page views in a day. It's due in large part to other sites linking to the little scoop about Roger Avary being released from jail back in July.

Yes, 100 page views a day is pretty shabby, but it's better than I hoped for this time last year. Tell friends, share links, join the Facebook group and follow on Twitter. One day Bigmouthery will be a proper website with all sorts of stuff going on all the time...I am not asking for money, I just need your help to get the word out.

Thanks to those who visit regularly and post the occasional comment and message of support. I really am aiming to make Bigmouthery into a more professional venture and it's people like you that make me feel it's somewhat possible.