Thursday, 25 November 2010

God and Stuff - Part Three: Journey Man

The initial idea for this blog was a one-shot 'why I don't believe in God' post. After reading a few posts of a similar nature, I felt a greater understanding of my position would be achieved by sharing some of my personal history within the world of faith and religion. It was done partly out of a desire to give you, the reader, greater context, as well as a selfish hope that I may be able to offset the probability of inflammatory responses. On this second point, I failed.

Yes, there were people of faith who disagreed with my view and in so doing were measured, eloquent and respectful. But I know and respect these was hardly likely to be any different. There was one commenter who, in accusing me of having the mental age of a 9-year-old, offered no argument (outside of ad hominem) and a number of typically hateful emails. One person even threatened to come to Australia and stab me to death. Delightful.

So if Parts One and Two didn't allay the potential for attack, Part Three may really piss a few people off. So let me just say this: in planning and writing this series, it has never been my intention to annoy or needle the faithful. While I find certain beliefs archaic, flawed and in some cases downright laughable, I respect wholeheartedly a person's right to follow the short and narrow path, even if that means sending the occasional death threat.

Welcome to Part Three, the final instalment of 'God and Stuff'.
Okay? Now, on we go...
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