Tuesday, 30 November 2010

More Than Mere Fractions.

Despite theatre being one of the great loves of my life, it usually doesn't get much exposure on Bigmouthery, for a few reasons...the main one being that others cover my city's arts industry far better and more comprehensively than I ever could.

In 2011, though, Bigmouthery will feature a new segment profiling some of our best and most beloved theatre 'identities'. It's true...some people have already said yes, poor blighters.

For now though, I must make special mention of a special man who has created a special and important piece of art.

Earlier today, Marcel Dorney was awarded the 2010/2011 Queensland Premier's Drama Award for his play Fractions. Last weekend the three finalists' plays (Marcel's Fractions, Unreliable Bodies by Philip Dean and Belongings by Rebecca Clarke) were performed as rehearsed readings at QTC's Bille Brown Studio. I was lucky, proud and extremely honoured to have been a part of the creative development and reading for Fractions.

I just want to dedicate a few minutes of Bigmouthery to congratulate Marcel not only for winning the award, but to thank him for creating a piece of theatre so immense, powerful and brilliant that it annoys me they're the best superlatives I can muster. In fact, to everyone involved in the Fractions 'experience', my love and thanks for making my first QTC experience one that, days later, still has me abuzz with excitement.