Friday, 31 December 2010

Moving Forward, Backwards Style - 2010 in review.

Hello Bigmouthies. Thanks to a browser hijacker and a bunch of other adware, malware, spyware and fuck-knows-what-else-ware, I can’t get online via my laptop, so the final blog for 2010 comes to you from my phone.

It's been a big year at Bigmouthery. This time last year the average daily traffic was around eight page views. Thanks to you, Bigmouthery took off, relatively speaking, in 2010. Page views sit around a fairly constant 100 per day, with a sustained spike of about 300 coming on the back of the Roger Avary exclusive in July.

This blog was going to be a bit of a clip show, looking at some of this year's most popular entries and rants. Unfortunately I can't do that right now, so I hope my thanks for your support will suffice. When you're sitting on 8 page views a day, 3 of which are probably your own, any hope that your blog will attract some kind of following is pretty hollow. I can't resolve to make the blog any bigger next year, but I can make it better. 2011 will see more entries, with a view to making Bigmouthery its own entity by the end of the year.

I'm not usually a New Year's Resolution kinda guy. Promising that you’ll make a life-changing decision (and stick to it) based on a tick of the clock that punctuates the end of a Gregorian year…always seemed odd. This year, though, it dawned on me that that's a copout, especially for someone who rarely devotes any time to changing anything except underpants for special occasions. With the last few days spent in relative seclusion, reflecting on a year that nearly ended without me in it, I had the chance to take stock. I don’t mean that to sound overly melodramatic, it’s just a fact. So in 2011 I am making resolutions. I may even tell you what they are sometime. By the way, if you ever have a chance to spend a silent few days solely in the company of cats and birds, take it.

My love and special thanks to my brother Conor, and my dear friends Chris, my soul sister Renae, Falon, Louise, Nick and my heart, Rhonda, for helping me make it through 2010 in one piece. Much love also to those from unexpected corners who offered their strength, support & understanding. I'm still here...due in no small part to you.

Before I go, please revisit the top 5 Bigmouthery blogs for this year, in order of visits:

1. Pulp FACTion - Roger Gets Out of Jail.
2. Owning Racism.
3. Marys Getting Married.
4. Bipolar Bumblebee.
5. Teabaggers - A Gobful Of Bollocks.

I also wish to make a correction to my 10 Best Albums of 2010 post. I had included Plan B's 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks' in the short list of entries that just missed out. It's definitely worthy of being on that list...and near the top too.

Happy New Everything, everyone.