Sunday, 20 February 2011

2012: It's All Over, People! We Don't Have a Prayer!

Deepest apologies to those Bigmouthers who have come to rely on a more regular post, but I have an excuse. Last week I sprained my ankle. Quite badly, as it turns out. Or quite well, depending on how one views these things. How did this event stop you from writing, I hear you ask?

I type with my toes. Now shut up.

A planned piece on Scientology has been gathering dust in drafts for eight months. It was my intention to finally polish it up and post it last weekend, but thanks to a suggestion from excellent blogger and theatre champion Kate Foy, I've been alerted to an issue far more serious. If this were a public affairs show, I'd say that this blog entry was one "that no family can afford to miss". I'm talking about 2012...when we will face the end of the world. (AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!)