Sunday, 20 March 2011

I Like Trees.

Today I got together with my good friend Mirko to record some music. I've written a few songs over the years, a few of which are okay, some terrible and some merely incomplete. Of this latter category, about five (plus one or two totally new ones) will be crafted into complete songs over the course of the next three months. They will form a kind of EP called, at this stage, 'rxnxr'.

Mirko is a fine musician and a great man. We've known each other since school and have recorded together a bunch of times. As a musician, I'm a pretty good actor, but with patience and studio access I may be able to make a few nice songs in the near future. Of course, my impatience means that I like to walk out the door with something to show for my efforts, so at the end of today's session (in which I lay down a bit of guitar for a new song about and for the most beautiful girl in existence), I cranked out this little punky number called 'I Like Trees'. Be warned, it's abrasive...but at just over a minute it's mercifully short.

I like trees
I like the way they grow leaves
Sometimes they're brown, sometimes they're green
It just depends how much it rains
Some people have a favourite tree
There's one just down the street from me
It is a Norfolk Island Pine
You can see a montage on your screen

At night they breathe like you & me
Some are desirous of the sea
For them it wasn't meant to be
Sometimes I think it's lookin' at me
Sometimes I think it's lookin' at me
Sometimes I think it's lookin' at me
Sometimes I think it's lookin' at me
Stop it!