Monday, 23 May 2011

Thank you, Harold Camping.

By now we all know that the rapture prophecy of Harold Camping was wrong. Harold himself claims to be 'flabbergasted' that his prophecy didn't pan out, which is not surprising given that he'd said prior to May 21 that "there's no possibility it will not happen"

Harold is obviously the subject of scorn and ridicule right now. Fair enough too, it was a stupid prediction. But I'd like to thank him for throwing the issue of religious faith into the news cycle, if only for as long as it took for his prediction to be proved wrong.

If we spent a little more time casting a more critical eye over religious faith, whatever the brand, we'd be in a better place as a species. And while Harold's silliness will not prompt too many of the faithful to consider the many fallacies and flaws in their chosen religion, there may be a few who decide to investigate the whole mess in a more reasoned and reasonable way. And that can only be a good thing.

So thanks, Harold.