Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Small Exposition.

A few of my friends are currently involved in what is going to be a very cool and exciting film project. Not only are they friends, they also happen to be a bunch of really talented little bastids. That's how I know it'll be cool and exciting. See how it works?

But being creatively gifted does not always ensure success. Was it not Aristotle who said, 'Talent and three bucks will buy you a cup of coffee'? Yes, it was. I looked it up.

Pete Foley and Chris Perren are the nucleus of the extremely hip and rather moist-making Black brow and their latest project, A Small Exposition or The Non·sense of the First Tree is currently in development. To develop it further, they need your help. Do you want to help them? Of course you bloody well do, you're a deliciously enlightened human who delights in all forms of artistic expression (even mime) and would do anything to see a group of incredibly clever people achieve their goals.

Here's a teaser trailer:

A Small Exposition - trailer 1 from Black brow. on Vimeo.

'But I want to see more of this, Nx!' Yes yes, I know, hush up...jeezaloo! To help make A Small Exposition a reality, check out the Black brow page at Pozible. They're just over halfway to their goal of $2500 and with your help they'll make it.

Don't let the obelisk stand in your way.