Friday, 3 June 2011

Joyne the June Joymakers

Hallo again. Yes, it's three days in and I haven't quit. In fact, the whole thing seems, very slowly, to be gathering a little momentum. I've had a number of people email me at and ask if they can be involved in the Month of Joy 'experiment', which is great. I also had one random person email to ask why I'd stopped swearing so much on the blog. I can only really answer that by saying it doesn't really fit the fucking tone.

I've been taking a few pics of some of the notes I've left around town, so tonight when I got home I made a little video for you all, with some hastily recorded guitar (please forgive the quality, I did it all in a couple of takes on my phone camera - yes, the audio from my N95 video camera). Here it is: 


Once again, I ask...if you find any of this resonates with you, please spread the word. It'd be great to see if any little dot-sized impacts could be made on people who chance upon a message telling them they are special, or great, or deeper than they may think they are. And if you are one of those people who find a note, please let me know.