Sunday, 5 June 2011

Not-So-Simple Monday Joy

The weekend is over and if you're one of the few people reading this you're most likely not enjoying the fact that your two days' respite is over and you're back into the grind. The well-worn path of the working week is once again being trudged. This is the time that tiny spark is needed. I'm not suggesting that seeing a note telling you that life can be a joyous thing will change the whole damn world. I'm not even saying it'll change your day. What I am saying, or at the very least hoping, is that seeing such a message amid the glum faces, advertising and general malaise may cause you to see things a little differently for a little while.

Yes, the world can suck ass, your job can slice you off at the knees and people's behaviour can sometimes make you feel as if a massacre is a good idea. But to see a random scribble suggesting that you, yes YOU, are deeper, wiser, more wonderful, more capable of joy than you have allowed yourself to realise? Surely that's worth something. Surely it's an idea worth getting behind. I refuse to believe that we are suffering from 'joy fatigue', that we are so locked into the patterns of tiresome mediocrity and banality in our days that we cant afford a few seconds to look inside ourselves and see some goodness. I also refuse to believe that, with all the shallowness and vapidity that exists that this little idea is justifiably ignored.  

This whole thing is not about the furtherance of self-absorption. It's about looking at the real good inside you and living that feeling. Trusting the truth of it. Feeling the joy of it. So that it may then flow outwards.

To those who are so jaded that they already feel bombarded by this after six days, I have only one message: I ain't stopping till June is done. It may be fruitless and misguided, but I'm going to follow through with it.

And if any of this resonates in any way with any of you, get behind it. Get behind it vocally, forcefully, actively. Let's share it with as many people as we can.