Saturday, 6 August 2011

Census 2011 - Tips for the Non-Believer.

Update: According to a commenter below, and my partner Rhonda, who is currently working for the census helpline, there is provision for a little elaboration around the 'no religion' category. My thanks to both Glenn and my darling Rh for this info. I haven't had a look at the census form yet and don't plan on doing it tonight because a Wild Turkey is calling me, but if there's anything to report, you'll read first, or possibly third, at Bigmouthery.

(Full update HERE.)

The Australian Census is next Tuesday, August 9. While there are a few people who consider such headcounts as the Big Brotherish machinations of evil, most of us have hemispheres of brain not stuck together with Clag, so we get it. (More...)