Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Bigmouth is Back.

It's a big world. You wouldn't wanna eat it. My world is pretty small, yet I have had plenty within it to keep me from you. Although, truth be known, I have had a few moments spare to talk about the Occupy movement, the coverage of Peter Roebuck's death, the decline and fall of television, the GOP race towards the primaries, as well as some reader-suggested topics around music, the draining of the local dam and psychic chicanery. I just used those moments to do other things of a non-Bigmouthery nature. Like spend time with my girl. And learn the ukulele.

There are things to rant about tho', so I'm back. Gonna crank out a bunch of stuff, possibly related to all of the above. And, because things have been quiet here, no quarter will be given. So...hey there.

Oh...I also don't like this new design, so I'm going to change it.