Thursday, 24 November 2011

Calling Kyle Sandilands Names.

A picture of a lobby obscured by an effluvial blob of shit. 
 After this morning's little jab at Kyle Sandilands, someone chided me for calling him names at the same time as admitting I had no idea he was in the news for once again being the wetslapped bucket of diarrhoea he is.

Obviously they missed the subtle gag. But then I thought, 'you know...I shouldn't be calling Kyle Sandilands names...that's wrong. I should invite other people to call him names too.'

So, Bigmouthers, here's your chance to exercise REAL freedom of speech (not the ignorant version espoused by that beefbone-brain mong).

Leave your best descriptions of Sandilands in the comments section for your chance to win the very first Bigmouthery custom t-shirt!

Get fucking going! 

Kyle Sandilands is a Bloated, Fatuous Bucket of Arse Milk.

Porcine cunt.

Bigmouthery's views on Kyle Sandilands, that clarified skidmark of a human, have been on record since August 2009 after he continued to pry into the sex life of a teenager after she'd admitted being raped. We even went so far as to post an online petition calling for his removal from the airwaves.

I'm going out of town this weekend, so there's no time to set up and monitor a new "Let's Skin Sandilands, Set Him Alight and Dance Around His Slow-Burning Lardball of a Corpse" petition.

All Bigmouthery is seeking to do is re-affirm the view that Kyle Sandilands is one of this country's great arse lozenges.

Oh, someone's just told me he's in the news again for being a cunt. What a happy coincidence.