Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bigmouthery's Guide to the 2012 Presidential Election - Part 1 - Challengers.

Missing from photo - some other guy.

Ah, the US presidential election. It's a time when ordinary Americans, Americans who believe in the precepts of the Constitution, come together, with sobriety of mind and hope in heart, and vote for their head of state, government and commander-in-chief.'s a three year, multi-billion dollar dickfight waged by already very rich people funded by major corporations to choose the least insane of the bunch and give them a standing brief to maintain the status quo for at least four years. Tch, cynical. But if you place cynicism on a sliding scale, there are those who believe that all or most of the people involved at the sharp end of presidential elections are shape-shifting reptilians. So, y'know...shut up.

The next election is just under a year away & next month the Republican contenders in the battle to face-off against incumbent Barack Obama will enter the 'primary season', from which one will rise and the rest will be summarily executed, or go back to making loads of money for doing very little, or something, I'm not sure what happens.

Future entries will cover some of the machinations of campaigns, which will hopefully provide some context for the apparently harsh 'style-over-substance' nature of what is to follow. But for now, here's Bigmouthery's look at the main contenders.