Saturday, 10 December 2011

The 10 Best Election Campaign Websites.

Bigmouthery's Election Headquarters

So, you fancy yourself as an armchair political pundit for next year's big election dealie? Or you don't...but want to? Need instant access to news that a presidential candidate is: wiping their butt hundreds/shagging interns/the Antichrist? Look no further (actually, look further) than Bigmouthery's list of the ten best 2012 campaign websites. Read these and you'll soon have the confidence to pretend you know what you're on about.

Before we start, it's helpful to be aware of the following: some of the websites listed below identify as non-partisan, some don't. It doesn't matter what they claim, accusations of bias will always be thrown up. It's the internet, after all, a huge projectile hangover-y vomit flecked with dots of gold. It's your job to pan the shiny stuff out of the puke. So, put a peg on your nose and let's get siftin'!