Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Jumped on the FB this morning and saw the above pic. Felt the need to adapt it, just a little:

That's better.

How The Gingrich Stole Christmas.

Moments after Mitt Romney's '$10000 bet' gaffe, Newt Gingrich steals Romney's wallet.
Mitt Romney has lots of money. He also has the team in place to take him past the New Hampshire primary. He's been hovering at the top end of the polls for months and until his '$10000 bet' goof at the last debate, had kept his foot well clear of his foodhole. So yeah, let's say he's been the front runner. Admittedly, that status has been easy to claim given the opposition. Rick Perry, Herman Cain and even Michele Bachmann have taken a few nips at Romney, but they've been far outweighed by gaffes and scandals. Bachmann, who has claimed "gaffe-proof" status, has dropped to the back of the pack. She has made numerous gaffes,  the biggest probably that she said she's gaffe-proof. Rick Perry comes across like a drunk gatecrasher and Herman Cain dropped out. The defining characteristic of the last few months of polls and hourly debates is that no-one seems to want any of these guys as their president. Until now.