Friday, 30 December 2011

Ron Paul - Dr StrangeLib.

In the first Bigmouthery post covering the 2012 election, I described Ron Paul as a "pretty nice fella" and stated that the main reason he won't end up as President is the fact that, at 76, he's too old. He's also a minarchist libertarian in a political party still ruled by big government neo-conservatives. I avoided defining libertarianism, Paul's chosen ideology, except to say that "some bits are okay, some bits are dubious and some are downright kooky".  The post was a synopsis of candidates, and libertarianism, like every other political stance, is wide open to equivocation, fracturing and historical shapeshifting, so I left it there.  

It's easy to see how people on both sides of the political fence may be attracted to facets of libertarianism. Conservatives like the idea of fewer taxes and liberals like the idea of more weed, that's the stereotype, right? And after 10 years of blowing shit up at a loss, everyone can get behind a non-interventionist foreign policy. 

But Ron Paul is starting to gain a level of superficial credibility he doesn't deserve, so it's time to take a look at the kooky.