Saturday, 14 January 2012

The ULTIMATE List: The One Best Song of All Time!

Internet lists. They're huge. Movies, books, albums, travel destinations, nose hairs...they're almost as popular as porn, and because of their arbitrary nature, are normally followed by hundreds of comments by people who feel slighted that their favourite missed out. The internet needs a shake-up, fuckers...and this is how you do it..

Call it a list. Have one thing in it. Brook no fucking discussion or argument. Walk away. So here it is: the best song in the history of the world...end of story. You agree with the objectivity of the choice and believe the song to be without peer. Ladies and gentlemen...the One Best Song of ALL TIME!!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

11 - One Louder.

Normally I love writing the New Year blog entry. It provides a chance to say thank you to people who loved, supported and tolerated me all year. It offers a chance for reflection, hopefully without straying too far into the mawkish. And it's nice to put a year to bed.

This year I haven't felt the same enthusiasm. It has nothing to do with the people who loved, supported and tolerated me. They were many and they are great. I just spent a few minutes listing names before realising that it would take a lot longer than the ten minutes I can spend writing this. The lack of enthusiasm lies squarely on my shoulders. There were re-connections I made in 2010 that I failed to solidify in 2011. There were attitudes I didn't have that I should have had (or vice versa) and there were distractions that I used as excuses. A lot of good stuff happened in 2011 and I am really grateful for it. One event above all makes the year a major life success. But I'm still left with the feeling of personal failure for not taking certain actions, for avoiding certain people out of fear of their mood towards me, for leaving 2011 knowing I did not attack life with the same zeal with which I so clearly began it.
If some of the above seems vague or abstruse, good. It means that you're not in this loop. Those who are will know. I'm happy to say they're few, but they are too important and I have failed them.

That said, I look forward to 2012, to new challenges, scenery and people. I look forward, in a way, to the major uncertainties that await in the next couple of months. And despite appearances to the contrary, I'm even looking forward to the challenge of finally leaving the boy behind.

Happy New Everything.