Sunday, 20 May 2012

Getting Married.

I've never been married, nor do I have any children (that I've been made aware of). If you're 42 and haven't been married, it's at about 36 that people start thinking one of a few things: you're gay, completely objectionable to the opposite sex...or you had integral parts pulled off in some kind of accident. I know that two of these things aren't true, and the third can't be all true, after 42 years, I'm getting married.

It's not a wedding, as such. Weddings are often frou-frou Saturday affairs with cars and frills and flowers and drunken people from the far edge of the family finally speaking their minds after all these years. I love 'em. But this is a registry ceremony which should be done and dusted in minutes, followed by a few drinks. There will be a wedding; some time in the coming months, in Texas, but this couldn't wait any longer. The soon-to-be Mrs Bigmouthery and I have known each other for 11 years and have always had it in various recesses of mind and heart that we'd end up sharing this day and as many thereafter as possible. Our relationship began online when such meetings were considered foreign and unusual. Now they advertise forced human fusion dating websites on TV (and bus shelters).

For trivia's sake, we met in the now defunct They Might Be Giants chat room (the band still exists, the chat room is long gone). Distance couldn't keep us from love. Oceans are merely drops of water engaged in mass conspiracy.

I'm sure when I started writing this there was something specific I wanted to share, but as the moment draws closer it's disappeared. This is one of those potentially mawkish entries when I blather about my gratitude, for love and friendship and life, the rare sweet parentheses in the mess of swears. I am grateful for life, and for family and friends, and especially for her. Mrs Bigmouthery.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Famous Music 'Rip-Offs'.

 Delta's also plagiarised Madonna's face.

Plagiarism. It's a subject near, if not dear, to Bigmouthery's heart. Easy enough to spot on the page, but a bit more difficult to pin down in a pop song. Minor celebrity Delta Goodrem will be happy for this fact, as it's come to light that her new single bears similarities to the Arcade Fire song 'Rebellion (Lies)'. Here's what they sound like together: