Friday, 19 October 2012

"Be This Guy."

The man highlighted in this photo is August Landmesser, a German shipyard worker. The image of his seeming refusal to give the Nazi salute has earned him a posthumous reputation as a resistance symbol. The photo's floated around the internet with a number of captions, the most recent being "Be This Guy". I understand the statement in the context of Nazism, of course, but looked at more broadly, if everyone were "that guy", it'd be better not to be that guy. may just be that Herr Landmesser had an embarrassing secret:

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Live Blog - Presidential Debate 2.

12:45: Phew. That's done. Never live blogged before and probably won't again. For one thing, I'll be at work when the Boca Raton debate happens next week. The media verdict will definitely go Obama's way for precisely the same reason the first went Romney's. In the first, Romney had to come from behind. This time, in terms of both debate success and now polling numbers, Obama had to. And he did. He stung Romney on a few occasions, most notably around foreign policy, Crowley's correction of  Romney's 'act of terror' screw-up eliciting rare applause from a very well-disciplined crowd. Romney is starting to sound like a broken record, his team thinking 'well it worked last time, let's keep at it!' But for some reason they did not expect a fiery Obama, or if they did, did not counter him effectively. Obama sounded like a president, Romney sounded whiny. Many have said that Romney has a debate advantage because he's had to fight a primary season, so his debate skills are fresh. Unfortunately for Mitt, he didn't have to debate Obama during those primaries...and today it showed. 

The key here is whether Obama can push the lead back out to 4%. I doubt it. What we have is a very tight race which I still think Obama will win. If the Florida debate doesn't push the recently grey states back to light blue, this will go down to the wire. The next debate is on foreign policy, which, as we've consistently seen from both Romney and Ryan, is a particularly weak suit. Expect Romney to avoid it as much as possible. Expect Obama to keep it on topic. And expect the 12th Best Election Coverage! Right here at Bigmouthery!

Debate 2. The Town Hall.


Okay...we're back.

Today's presidential debate at Hofstra University on Long Island is a town hall-style affair. Instead of a traditional moderator, pre-selected questions will come from the audience while the candidates tentatively shuffle around the stage. No podiums to hide behind. There will be a host (Candy Crowley) who may not ask follow-up questions, but can give the candidates extra time to respond to questions.

According to the media, Mitt Romney won the first debate. I think it had something to do with the fact that it was the first time he'd appeared as a man as opposed to a cabbage. It was the most boring Presidential debate I've ever seen. Ten minutes in I was reaching for a beer and it was morning here. Most unusually, Romney's numbers have risen considerably as a result. He's now neck and neck with Barack Obama, who has to do something very special to win back the lead. Can he do it? And if so, how?

Friday, 5 October 2012

No Mouthery.

Bigmouthery is taking a few days off. It will return after the Vice President debate next week.