Saturday, 7 April 2012

End of the Road - Dallas to Houston.

Captain Mrs Bigmouthery and her vessel.

Day Five - Dallas, Tx to Houston, Tx

Our final day on the road dawned as bleak as that which preceded it. We were expected at the El Monte outlet in McKinney by 12. We had to wash, breakfast, pack our gear, clean the machine, empty the grey and black tanks, fill the gas tank, confirm a rental car and drive the circuitous 50 minute toll-free route. As I was emptying one of the drawers containing our groceries, it came off its hinge. Only attached by one screw. I'd left my Leatherman in Australia, so went to the office to see if I could borrow a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Route 66 - The Mother Road (Part Four)

Day Four - Amarillo, Tx to Corinth, Tx

Day Four dawned sheepishly in Amarillo. Before stepping out of a toasty warm RV, I checked the current temp online. 12°F (-11°C). Fortunately the wind had died down.  Our onboard water supply had lasted us over 1000 miles without a refill and we were hoping to make it to McKinney on one tank, but it wasn't to be. So, with inadequate gloves and not yet fuelled by coffee, I tried hooking it all up. My hands burned with cold. The pipes would not sit flush and water was pissing out the tap end and freezing within seconds of hitting the ground. I checked the gauge to see if any water was making it into the tank but it remained empty. Even the park owner could not get it to work.