Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sittin' a Spell...

This is a semi-obligatory 'keep you in the loop about what's going on' post. My immigration process is happening a little more quickly since Mrs Bigmouthery and I engaged the services of an immigration attorney.  Based on the attorney's advice, we'll be going through the process in the US, as the turnaround time is much faster than going the consular route at home. So I'm here a little longer than anticipated. Hopefully I'll be back in Australia in April or May - pending the processing of other paperwork. I've done the obligatory pin cushion thing, a big fat wallop of shots. Now we wait.

I've been missing Australia. Not the summer, not the flooding. The people. Despite the paucity of blog entries lately, it seems traffic is holding reasonably steady  - well, American traffic is. Australian traffic has plummeted. So it looks like I'm missing Australians, but they don't miss me. That's okay, though.

We're back to New Orleans next week - last time we were there we lined up a gig for Mrs B for the weekend before Fat Tuesday. New Orleans is a madhouse over the next week or so. The Superbowl is being held there today. Go sports! So as well as a blog post about a very enjoyable evening among naked people that occurred this past week, there'll be some Nawlins stuff to talk about. 

I was supposed to fly home today.