Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bigmouthery Cooking Show: Spicy Egg Salad Sammich.

Australia's version of the classic American 'egg salad' sandwich is the bog standard 'egg & lettuce', famed for being a staple recipe of the Country Women's Association and those women who 'bring a plate' to after church get-togethers. Come to think of it, they're probably the same people. The egg & lettuce sandwich of my childhood usually consisted of: Tip Top Sunblest white bread, Meadow Lea margarine, (often hand-sized leaves of iceberg lettuce - which back then was just lettuce) and eggs more hard-boiled than a Raymond Chandler novel. The kind that's been tortured in a saucepan for so long it has a lovely atmosphere of grey scum coating the yolk. If you were lucky, there was a little curry powder in it. If you were really lucky, there might be a little mayo and pepper.

Egg salad, on the other hand, is more in line with what I started making once I left home, although some versions of American-style egg salad sammiches have tomato in 'em...and that's just wrong.

My egg & lettuce/egg salad sammy was a fairly basic affair, with mayo, hot English mustard, lettuce, pepper, Lebanese cucumber and occasionally some scallions (aka spring onions/long onions/green onions/shallots). However, I've been unable to source a good hot mustard here in Texas, so I've come up with an alternative recipe which may just be the best damn egg salad sammich you'll ever eat. Here 'tis: