Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Not One More.

Candlelight Vigil tonight to remember those lost to domestic and family violence.
Source: BDVS/Facebook

Many years and several governments ago, the then Liberal leader and aspiring PM Alexander Downer presented to his NSW colleagues the party's slogan on domestic violence, The Things That Matter. Adhering to the well-trod rubric 'always open with a joke', Downer felled the room into agape silence as he said that perpetrators of domestic violence might call it 'the things that batter'. Jump ahead to the time Alexander Downer never became Prime Minister.

That was late 1994 - politically and socially, an aeon ago. Surely things have improved since then? In attitudinal terms, there's a good argument to suggest that yes, there are visible improvements. But in terms of perpetration, domestic violence is on the rise.