Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Not an Issue?

(This entry is an extended version of a comment written earlier on YouTube.)

It has been a few days since the new leader of the Executive branch took the oath of office. In the wake of the swearing in ceremony, much has been made of the attendance figures for the event. Side-by-side comparison shots of the 2009 inauguration and last week's get together have, unsurprisingly, prompted inflationary comment from the president, who claimed an audience of 1.5 million. It's quite easy to be dismissive of such a claim, given his adroitness at pulling more cack from his fundament than any human alive. But, in the interests of balance, he's, like, a smart guy who has the best words, so perhaps he's the best at counting too and is just being all modest about it.

In a normal world we could all reasonably assume that such a story, if it warranted any coverage at all, would slip out of the cycle quite quickly. In a normal world.

This morning I watched the Young Turks' reaction to White House press secretary Sean Spicer's maiden voyage behind the lectern - basically it was a quiver-lipped spray at the media about their coverage of crowd numbers on the National Mall - a pointless, hissyfitful coddling of his timorous-hearted boss.

The gist from Spicer, Young Turks' Cenk Uygur and a few YouTube commenters was the same - why is this an issue, it's not an issue, stop talking about it and let's talk policy.

It shouldn't be an issue. It wouldn't be an issue for a person unaffected by such fundamental personality flaws. That it is an issue speaks, and should by now be screaming, to the deeply vexing problem of having this man at the helm.

Ever since announcing his candidacy in 2015, America's new president has repeatedly shown himself as totally incapable of functioning unless he is self-aggrandizing to the point of near deification. Everything he does is blithely vainglorious, two words that should never have cause to be too close together.

There is no core to the man, politically, ethically, philosophically. He is the embodiment of frippery and attention-seeking smarm.

He is a grotesque, a flabby spurt of fragility, pettiness, petulance & personality disorders. He is a preening dolt, a popinjay oblivious to the world in which he lives.

The planet is a nothing to him but a deal, an ad hoc series of breakfast meeting takeovers, a deal only ever sought in order to feel the tiny pissdribble of adrenaline that comes with ruthlessly fucking people over. He is an ego in a series of poorly chosen and executed ties.

Throughout history there have been many whose egos grew to fit and exceed the role they inherited or murdered their way to...or both. This man came to town with a towering, 'ready-to-wear' self-absorption and an acute, delusional expectation - that he exist at the centre of a gaudy pinwheel of unfettered obeisance and adoration.

Whatever America's problems are, real or imagined, they pale in comparison to the one sticking out of its neck like an overripe grapefruit.

Problems facing potentially billions of people cannot be addressed, let alone solved, by a 'chief decision maker' who is compelled to predicate every decision on if, how and by how much it inflates his ego. On how much greater he can appear to be as a result.

He does not care about you. He cares only about himself. He is to the presidency what a fork is to a power outlet.

He must be resisted at every turn. His whims and fancies cauterized, his greed curbed, his taxes revealed, his business interests blinded, his feet held daily to the fire of public accountability.
He must be stopped.

Alternatively, we could just sit back and watch while he uses the Situation Room to blow up people who make fun of his tiny hands and terrible makeup.

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